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Community-powered-courses for trauma-affected women over 40

Every course enrolment includes a 3-month complimentary membership to our supportive online community. It’s here that you can connect with individuals who share similar experiences, participate in discussions that enrich your learning, and receive continuous encouragement and support on your journey to wellness.

“You know what the problem is? I’m too nice.”

Sound familiar?  If you are like me, being too nice means saying ‘yes’ to people, a lot. Gets exhausting, doesn’t it.

I used to dream of the day I could say no and it would be accepted without argument, but I was too afraid of hurting their feelings, or worse, facing the backlash.  So instead, I would people please, go out of my way to help or be available, and you know what happened?

I started to burn out, I couldn’t sleep, I was comfort eating like there was a million dollar prize, and I was miserable.

And then it happened. People stopped relying on me to be there, fix it, and solve their problems.

Want to know how?  Super easy.  I had a heart attack….

Totally and utterly, stopped in my tracks, nearly died, rare ‘caused by extreme emotional distress’ heart attack.  But it got their attention, and boy did they listen.

Now, I’m not saying you should go and have a major health scare. Let’s not get crazy here!  What I’m saying is I’ve learned what to say and how to say it and people are respecting my boundaries now.

I’m not anxious anymore when someone wants something.  I’m not always frustrated and overwhelmed because everyone needs a piece of me.  I’m calm. I’m centred. I’m happy!

I’d love to share these skills with you.

introducing course one

Embrace Balance

Building Resilience and Emotional Wellness

A comprehensive course designed to guide you in learning essential skills for emotional wellness and resilience.

This course is for you if:

  • You often find yourself in ‘fix-it’ mode for others
  • You struggle with feelings of guilt when prioritising yourself
  • You long for healthy, reciprocal relationships that aren’t just one-way
  • You’re over 40 and have been conditioned to ‘keep it together’

We understand that for many women, especially those over 40, life’s experiences often go unchecked, leaving emotional skills fragmented.  It’s time to change that narrative.

Most negative experiences went unchecked, unnoticed and left raw and open, receiving minimal assistance and you were then left to cope through life with emotional skills that looked more like Swiss cheese.

After taking this course

      • Develop the strength to have necessary conversations.
      • Transform into a self-assured woman capable of fostering healthy two-way relationships.
      • Acquire emotional wellness skills to live a strong, confident life.
      • Learn key elements of healthy boundaries, making self-advocacy natural and effortless.

Course Includes

      • Modules covering emotional wellness fundamentals, resilience, and positive thinking.
      • Community support from like-minded women.
      • Interactive scenarios and exercises to practice your new skills.
      • A downloadable workbook for each lesson.

We are different

When you begin “Embrace Balance,” you will immediately notice something different. This isn’t just about learning lessons; it’s about growing within a community. You get an entire network supporting you, lifting you up, and being there for you as you navigate your journey. Our unique community-focused approach ensures that every step you take is supported, celebrated, and enriched by collective wisdom and encouragement.

I know the doubts

    Nothing will ever change for you, or you’re worried about how people might react to the ‘new you’. Let me reassure you. I have walked a mile in your shoes and know first hand how it feels to be in your position. The skills you will learn have come from first-hand lived-experience where I have practiced and tested these methods on the most difficult people in my life. And it works.

surviving to thriving courses

A series of six courses meticulously crafted to guide you through the varied stages of healing from trauma towards a life of emotional wellbeing and fulfilment. Each course in this series focuses on a distinct aspect of your journey, beginning with “Embrace Balance”.


Embrace Balance

Building Resilience and Emotional Wellness

Reclaiming Self

Identity and Self-Esteem Post-Trauma

Healing Relationships

Communication & Connection

Mindful Living

Incorporating Mindfulness into Everyday Life

Creative Expression

Healing Through Art, Writing, and Music

Empowered Future

Goal Setting & Personal Development

I’m here to help break the trauma cycle for as many women as possible

I’m Lisa, a card carrying member of GenX member, retired nurse, and a survivor turned mentor. My expertise isn’t just academic, though I do hold a degree in Biomedical Science and love statistics and patterns. More importantly, it’s grounded in real-life resilience and empathy. After overcoming personal health challenges and breaking free from the cycle of trauma, I’m here to guide you on your journey to emotional wellness.

The women in my family were always described as having grit, and my story confirms it. Overcoming decades of abuse, I faced a life-altering heart attack at 47. This was my wake-up call to escape the emotional shackles imposed by my past and embrace self-care, love, and belief. My healing journey began later in life, but I’m committed to ensuring that women like you find the support and strength much earlier, to live a life free from fear and full of hope.

Unlock 24/7 Online Access:

Enjoy unrestricted access to all course materials at any time that suits you. This includes:

      • Engaging video lessons that bring key concepts to life
      • Interactive exercises designed to deepen your understanding
      • Comprehensive resources for extended learning

Complimentary 3-Month Community Access:

As part of your enrollment, receive a 3-month complimentary membership to our supportive online community. This platform allows you to:

      • Connect with individuals who share similar experiences
      • Participate in discussions that enrich your learning
      • Receive continuous encouragement and support on your journey to wellness

Exclusive Course Features:

Our course is tailored to provide a holistic learning experience with features including:

      • Comprehensive Curriculum: A broad spectrum of topics carefully curated to support different facets of your emotional wellness journey
      • Authentic Insights from Lived Experience: Valuable lessons drawn from the instructor’s personal journey through trauma recovery and emotional wellness
      • Interactive Activities: Engage in practical exercises and reflective tasks that cement your understanding and application of core principles
      • Personalised Feedback: Individualised responses to your queries and submissions to enhance your learning experience
      • Downloadable Resources: Access to a wealth of materials, including workbooks and supplementary content for in-depth exploration
      • Certificate of Completion: On completing the course, receive a certificate acknowledging your dedication and growth

Your enrolment in “Embrace Balance” is more than just a course sign-up;

it’s a step towards a more resilient, balanced, and fulfilling life.

How community-powered courses works


Join a private and secure platform for meaningful connections and shared experiences, fostering a supportive learning environment


Engage with easy-to-digest course segments designed for efficient and effective learning, ideal for busy schedules


Enjoy immediate access to interactive Q&A sessions, offering personalized guidance and enriched understanding of course materials


Utilise a suite of tailored resources, including tools and materials, to monitor and celebrate your journey of learning and growth

24 hour access

Experience the freedom of accessing course content any time, allowing for flexible learning that fits seamlessly into your life


Earn a certificate as a symbol of your progress, commemorating your journey towards personal growth and resilience

We stand behind the transformative potential of our course. If you complete the course and find it doesn’t meet your expectations, we offer your money back, no questions asked (Click here for full details).

I’ve gotten to know Lisa over the past several years. I admire how she takes her knowledge and experience (both lived and learned) about emotional wellness and trauma recovery and applies it on a consistent basis, both for herself and others. Her wisdom, care and resilience have helped out so many people and that’s such a great thing to see.

Trudy Rankin

CEO, West Island Digital / Founder, Online Business LiftOff

I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t met Lisa when I did.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!


Community and Courses Student

I met Lisa in 2010 and have experienced her in professional and personal environments. It was a privledge to work beside her as a nurse and witness the high standard of holistic and thorough care that appeared to come naturally to her. I have witnessed Lisa manage a large range of experiences with poise, compassion, and a great sense of non-judgemental open mindedness. At a time in my life when I desperately needed professional and personal advocacy, Lisa was quickly able to achieve outcomes that my whole mental health team had been unable to. My life experience has taught me in a world that can seem a scary place, I’m always safe with Lisa.


Community and Courses Student

If you’re reflecting on life, wondering about change, I assure you it’s possible – starting now. Choose to be surrounded by the Beyond Trauma community. Choose you. Join ‘Embrace Balance: Building Resilience and Emotional Wellness’ today.