About Lisa

You Deserve To Feel Whole, I’m Here To Help

I am based in country Victoria, Australia and deliver my services 100% online. I have lived experience and know exactly what you’ve been through, exactly how you’ve felt, and exactly what it took to get you here right now.

My Background

Hello and welcome! If you’re here, it’s likely because you, like so many of us, have faced challenges that have tested your spirit. As someone who has navigated the complex journey from trauma to healing, I understand deeply. I’m Lisa, a card carrying member of GenX member, retired nurse, and a survivor turned mentor. My expertise isn’t just academic, though I do hold a degree in Biomedical Science and love statistics and patterns. More importantly, it’s grounded in real-life resilience and empathy. After overcoming personal health challenges and breaking free from the cycle of trauma, I’m here to guide you on your journey to emotional wellness.

My Lived Experience

The women in my family were always described as having grit, and my story confirms it. Overcoming decades of abuse, I faced a life-altering heart attack at 47. This was my wake-up call to escape the emotional shackles imposed by my past and embrace self-care, love, and belief. My healing journey began later in life, but I’m committed to ensuring that women like you find the support and strength much earlier, to live a life free from fear and full of hope.

“I’d just like to have some more ‘me’ time without feeling so guilty…”

Sound Familiar?

My Philosophy

My Approach

I believe in an approach that’s as unique as you are – raw, unfiltered, and honest. My role is to help you view your life through a lens of wisdom, empowering you to rebuild and look forward to a future filled with joy.

Many women over 40 have been conditioned to hide their struggles, leaving their trauma unacknowledged and wounds open.

My goal is to change this narrative. By teaching you emotional regulation, healthy boundary setting, assertiveness, and self-care, I aim to equip you with the tools for a fulfilling life post-trauma, passing down wisdom, not wounds, to future generations. 

Understanding where you stand on your journey to emotional wellness is the first step. This is why I’ve created a thoughtful quiz to help you gain insights into your emotional state and guide you towards the most suitable support. Click here to take the quiz and begin your journey towards a future you can look forward to.