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Take your emotional wellness to the next level with Beyond Trauma, an online peer support and mentoring service that provides the emotional tools for trauma-affected women over 40 to learn, implement and feel whole again.


You taught yourself how to cope, let me teach you how to heal

When we heal we pass down wisdom not wounds

“It is my greatest hope that women like me get the help they need to enjoy living a life without fear”

Lisa Abbott

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Lisa Abbott

BSc BioMed

Founder   ●   Mentor   ●   Survivor

I have lived-experience of trauma and walked a mile in your shoes, so I totally understand what it’s like.  If you’ve been feeling like ‘just existing’ is not enough anymore, don’t worry, because I can help.

I’d love to help

The Healing Pillars

Guilt Free Living
  • Understanding The Trauma Response
  • Healthy versus Unhealthy Habits
  • The Art of Assertiveness
  • Saying No With Conviction And Authority
Release The Past
  • what ‘normal’ is
  • does your baggage serve you
  • beginning steps of feeling ‘whole’
Undo Coping Behaviours
  • Recognise trauma-related coping behaviours
  • How coping behaviours no longer protect you
  • Living in the present free of your trauma
Detox Old Habits
  • what are subconscious habits
  • how old habits can be toxic
  • making the switch from toxic to healthy
Enbrace Your Strengths
  • stop feeling worthless
  • how to identify and recognise your strengths
  • finding value in unrealised skills

My Approach & Philosophy

My philosophy is based on authentic uniqueness that is raw, edgy and doesn’t hold back.  I help you take a refreshing new look at your life through an ‘old soul’ lens, help you recalibrate, and set you going on a path towards a future you are joyfully looking forward to.

Most women of the 40+ generations were taught to sweep their problems under the carpet or not to shame the family.

These trauma experiences went unchecked, unnoticed and left raw and open, with the victim receiving minimal assistance and coping through life feeling broken and ‘unfixed’.

My aim is to help these women learn emotional regulation, healthy boundaries, assertive behaviours and self-care techniques.

My mission is to ensure that all women have the emotional tools to have a complete and full life post-trauma, and pass down wisdom not wounds to the emerging generations.


Evidence-based emotional wellness information specifically designed for your education and development

The Secret To Accepting Compliments
The Secret To Accepting Compliments

Accepting compliments can make you feel good about yourself, or they can make you squirm. If you feel awkward being in the spotlight, turn the situation around with these handy tips. Pretty soon you’ll be basking in praise and showering kind words on those around you....

Lies We Tell Ourselves
Lies We Tell Ourselves

Lies We Tell Ourselves These are the lies we tell ourselves.  They are a portion of my inner monologue when I’m feeling so emotionally fatigued, I could drown in a pool of my own tears and literally fall asleep for a week. “I’ll just be a burden”One of the lies we...

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Do you have healthy personal boundaries?

Boundaries are like invisible lines that we draw around ourselves to let people know our limits, and to keep us from violating the limits of others.

In that respect, personal boundaries not only protect you, they also develop healthy relationships.  

How healthy are your boundaries?


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