Helping Women Feel Whole Again

Beyond Trauma is an online peer support community that teaches emotional wellness skills for women affected by trauma to help them learn, embrace and feel whole again.

"It is my greatest hope that women like me get the help they need to enjoy living a life without fear"

Lisa Abbott

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Lisa Abbott

BSc BioMed

Founder  •  Mentor •  Survivor


I have lived-experience of trauma and walked a mile in your shoes, so I totally understand what it’s like. If you’ve been feeling like “just existing’ is not enough anymore, don’t worry, because I can help.

You taught yourself how to cope, let me teach you how to heal

surviving to thriving courses

The 6 Healing Pillars

A series of six courses meticulously crafted to guide you through the varied stages of healing from trauma towards a life of emotional well-being and fulfilment. Each course in this series focuses on a distinct aspect of your journey, beginning with “Embrace Balance: Building Resilience and Emotional Wellness.”

As you progress through each course, you’ll build upon the skills and insights gained from “Embrace Balance,” creating a comprehensive and cohesive pathway through your healing journey. These courses are thoughtfully designed to address the diverse aspects of life affected by trauma, offering a holistic approach to not just survive but truly thrive post-trauma. 

Embrace balance

Building resilience and emotional wellness

This foundational course is a transformative journey into emotional wellness and resilience.  It guides participants through understanding and managing emotions, fostering self-compassion, and developing positive mental habits.  It’s an ideal starting point for those seeking to build resilience, improve emotional regulation, and embrace a more balanced and fulfilling life.

Reclaiming Self

Identity & Self-Esteem Post-Trauma

This course helps participants explore and rebuild their sense of self and self-esteem, which can often be impacted by trauma. It covers self-discovery, building a positive self-image, and techniques for enhancing self-esteem.

Healing Relationships

Communication & Connection

This course is about healing and building healthy relationships post-trauma. It includes effective communication skills, setting boundaries in relationships, understanding relationship dynamics, and fostering meaningful connections.

Mindful Living

Incorporating Mindfulness into Everyday Life

A deeper dive into mindfulness practices, focusing on incorporating these techniques into daily routines. It covers mindfulness meditation, mindful eating, mindful movement (like yoga or tai chi), and using mindfulness to manage stress and enhance well-being.

Creative Expression

Healing Through Art, Writing, and Music

This course explores the use of creative outlets for emotional expression and healing. It includes art therapy, journaling for emotional release, music therapy, and other creative avenues to process emotions and experiences.

Empowered Future

Goal Setting & Personal Development

Focused on personal growth and future planning, this course helps participants set realistic, achievable goals. It includes career development, educational pursuits, personal hobbies, and lifestyle changes for a fulfilling and empowered future.

When we heal we pass down wisdom not wounds

My Philosophy

My Approach

I believe in an approach that’s as unique as you are – raw, unfiltered, and honest. My role is to help you view your life through a lens of wisdom, empowering you to rebuild and look forward to a future filled with joy.

Many women over 40 have been conditioned to hide their struggles, leaving their trauma unacknowledged and wounds open.

My goal is to change this narrative. By teaching you emotional regulation, healthy boundary setting, assertiveness, and self-care, I aim to equip you with the tools for a fulfilling life post-trauma, passing down wisdom, not wounds, to future generations. 

Understanding where you stand on your journey to emotional wellness is the first step. This is why I’ve created a thoughtful quiz to help you gain insights into your emotional state and guide you towards the most suitable support. Click here to take the quiz and begin your journey towards a future you can look forward to.

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